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Another state to data is called “data in transit.” The term “data in transit” traditionally refers to the digital data moving to, from and through your network, a partner network or the Internet. This represents how data is transferred from point A to point B.  I have used the example of downloading an iTunes move from the iTunes store to your device. When renting movies through iTunes, one can select to watch it now, which streams the move to your device while you’re watching or watch at a later date, which downloads the move to your device, and it becomes “data at rest” until you watch it.  However, the action of getting this moving from iTunes to your location for immediate viewing or saving for later is “data in transit.”When data moves from one location to another location,it is in transit.

From a cybersecurity perspective, protecting “data in transit” becomes extremely important when the data is sensitive. If a website is an e-commerce site and processes hundreds of transactions per minute, it is extremely important that those transactions are secured.  Protecting the financial transaction, credit card information and personal user information of an ecommerce site protects customers from potential identity theft and credit card fraud. So how do you protect data in transit?

Protecting data in transit requires encryption technologies. For an ecommerce site, this might be a secure website with a TLS certificate.  You may have become accustomed to seeing these, but these are represented by a lock indicator on the URL bar of your web browser. However, implementing encryption for data in transit can take on various forms.  Accessing your corporate network resources from your computer or device, may require a remote access virtual private network. Securing corporate data as it traverses the Internet between two corporate sites may require a site to site virtual private network or an encrypted MPLS link or private connection.

The team at CastleLock has decades of experience across government, finance, health, manufacturing, telecom, and other industries in establishing effective encryption solutions to fit your organization.   CastleLock has the skills and services to develop and implement a comprehensive encryption strategy for your organization. Let CastleLock help –

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