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A common phrase I run across when talking to IT engineers, database administrators, and security analysts about security, data and encryption is “data at rest.”  Like me, the first time you hear this, you may be reminded of your High School Physics class or wonder if in this era of the data gold rush, if data can ever truly rest.  There are three states to digital data: data in motion, data in use, and data at rest.

The term “data at rest” traditionally refers to the digital data on your computer system, servers, databases and phones that isn’t being accessed by you, the system, or anyone else and is just happily waiting to be called upon. 

For example, consider your iTunes library. You downloaded (data in transit) that brand new movie from the iTunes store to your library, but while it’s sitting in your library waiting patiently to be watched, it is considered data at rest.  

And now why are IT engineers, data administrators, cybersecurity analysts, and auditors talking about this?  Protection of data at rest comes up in multiple compliance frameworks: PCI, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, and others. Well, from a cybersecurity perspective, the different states of data are extremely important.  Depending on which state the data is in, various technology implementations may be required to keep it safe. If we are running a business that relieson keeping customer data secure, we may use an encryption technology to lock out unauthorized users from accessing sensitive customer data.

Securing your data at rest starts with encryption. Mobile devices running modern operating systems have full disk encryption capabilities.  Thinking about all the sensitive personal information individuals have on phones or computers, enabling this encryption is the fastest way to ensure only those authorized can access your sensitive information.  For small and medium businesses to large enterprises, implementing encryption for data protection can have many different approaches and be very complex.

Fortunately, CastleLock knows how to secure data at rest. The team at CastleLock has decades of experience across government, finance, health, manufacturing, telecom, and other industries in establishing effective encryption solutions to fit your organization.   CastleLock has the skills and services to develop and implement a comprehensive encryption strategy for your organization. Let CastleLock help –

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