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Application Security

At CastleLock, a software development lifecycle includes automated and manual application security checks at every level of development but also extends to factors outside of the SDLC, like procurement. From awareness to delivery, CastleLock consultants help organizations of all sizes build a strong application security program.

Cyber Maturity Assessment

CastleLock cyber maturity assessment is an evaluation of an organization’s people, processes and tools using five levels of maturity from basic to visionary. The assessment evaluates current policy, procedures and capabilities and provides expert recommendations to continuously move the maturity of an enterprise or organization forward.

Centralized Identity

It's easy to lose control of user management in your environment. Improper management leads to improper access, which can lead to breach. At CastleLock, we use common technologies to centralize user management across your enterprise, applications, cloud environments and partners. This is not a one size fits all solution, so engage with our experts to discover a solution for your organization.

Insider Threat

You trust your employees, contractors and partners to conscientiously execute their assigned tasks to meet the mission objectives of your organization. However, whether malicious or negligent, unauthorized activities can inflict significant harm and result in loss of revenue, loss of data and loss of reputation. With the rise in insider threats, an insider threat program is paramount. CastleLock consultants provide clients with awareness, training, tools and technology to train employees and detect insider threats before they happen.

Penetration Testing

CastleLock uses both automated and manual techniques to evaluate systems, networks, devices and applications for exploitable vulnerabilities. Application penetration testing evaluates a client’s application for common misconfiguration or exploitable software. Penetration testing engagements may comprise of external, internal, cloud or singular assets or applications. Make sure your systems are hardened before you expose them to your audience.

Privileged Access Management

The days of leaving passwords taped to the monitor in the server room are over. An important part of any identity access management and centralized identity strategy is to roll up password and identifier management and reporting for administrators and root accounts into a secure vault. A privileged Access Management tool should securely store passwords, keys, and other secrets, only allowing use of these accounts when needed.

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

Whether intentional or unintentional, organizations are increasingly at risk of supply chain compromise. Developing data protection and incident response requirements for the treatment of your organization’s intellectual property, for supply chain members, is an excellent first step to Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM). However, for an effective C-SCRM program, you need continuous monitoring of vendors and their buy in.  At CastleLock, we build engaging C-SCRM programs providing strategic, technical and tactical solutions to illuminating and addressing supply chain risk. Read More >

Secure Configuration Baselines

Whether Microsoft, Apple, Dell or Cisco, manufacturers release software and hardware with configurations set to maximize the rapid adoption of their solution. These configurations require manipulation “hardening” for a system or device to be Enterprise ready. When hardened, systems reduce the attack surface available to exploitation. CastleLock experts have worked to develop hardened settings template that secure most common operating systems without impacting its usability.

Secure Network Engineering

Encrypting data in transit…all the time. Many organizations find configuration and management of Wide Area Networks, MPLS, DMVPN, SD-WAN extremely tedious and difficult. Whether implementing internal and external segmentation, demilitarized zones or cloud virtual private containers or FIPS 140-2 validated encryption algorithms, keeping your sensitive data protected as it traverses the Internet is key to keeping it confidential. CastleLock subject matter experts, engineers and architects can develop and implement a secure network architecture for your organization.

Security Operations

Firewalls, routers, intrusion prevention systems, web filters, anti-virus/anti-malware and data loss prevention are various technologies used to protect our users and assets from attacks and exploitation. With the ever-increasing landscape of tools and technologies, shrinking budgets and consistent demand on limited available resources, maintaining these security tools at an expert level is a challenge. At CastleLock, we have subject matter experts, security engineers and architects at the ready.

Security Operations Center

A CastleLock SOC combines asset detail, identity information, vulnerability information, open source intelligence, threat intelligence and predictive analytics to prioritize events and incidents. SOC staff consists of incident responders, threat intelligence analysts, threat hunters, expert system and network engineers, SIEM content developers, data scientists and governance specialists. All teams work rotating shifts to assure needed capabilities are immediately available when an event occurs.

 Virtual CISO

The CastleLock VCISO service provides subscribers with expert cybersecurity and governance guidance for a fraction of the cost of a full time CISO. CastleLock CISO’s possess decades of experience in commercial and federal markets and have a cadre of cybersecurity, cloud and compliance experts at their disposal. Prepare for tomorrow’s threats. Engage a CastleLock CISO today!

Vulnerability Management Program

The most important piece of a cyber security practice is the detection and remediation of known, published vulnerabilities. Timely mitigation of vulnerabilities reduces the landscape for malware to take hold. Having a plan, a timeline to remediation and executive buy-in are critical to the success of any vulnerability management program. At CastleLock, we build vulnerability management programs that help your organization track, notify and mitigate network, systems, applications and vendor vulnerabilities.

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